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Vacation Getaways

Below you will find our Vacation Getaways, Healthcare Card, and Electronics

Vacation Option #1

CLICK HERE Request your 2 Vacation Getaways (1 USA and 1 International vacation ONLY) for becoming a ETC Member! FYI: if you request your vacations at the same time and you ARE NOT able to activate them within 7 days, you will lose your complimentary vacation.  Take a look at our locations available below. Once you request your vacation you will have 7 days to activate your vacation (meaning pay the taxes $19.45 for our US resort options and $19.70 per night for our Mexico resort options).  Once you have activated your vacation you are allowed 18 months to choose your dates of travel.  Once again you are only allowed 1 vacation in the USA and 1 International vacation!  When you request your vacation getaway please include 2 locations.  If you DO NOT choose 2 locations your 2nd location will be randomly selected. Also, once you arrive at the Resort selected your are responsible for resort fees     pre-day.

Standard Locations

 1. Cancun, Mexico                        5 Nights

 2. Puerto Penasco, Mexico           5 Nights

 3. Mazatlan, Mexico                      5 Nights

 4. Nuevo Vallarta, México             5 Nights

 5. Orlando, Florida                        3 Nights

 6. Las Vegas, Nevada                   3 Nights

 7. Branson, Missouri                      3 Nights

 8. Williamsburg, Virginia                3 Nights

 9. Gatlinburg, Tennessee              3 Nights

 10. Acapulco, Mexico                    5 Nights

 11. Tenerife, Spain  (only residents of Europe including the UK)             7 Nights

 12. Koh Samui, Thailand (Anyone Worldwide except Asian countries)    7 Nights

 13. Phuket, Thailand (Anyone Worldwide except Asian countries)          7 Nights

 14. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina   3 Nights

 15. Daytona Beach, Florida            3 Nights

 16. Bali, Indonesia  (Anyone Worldwide except Asian countries)            7 Nights


Here you will find what the prices are for the vacation getaways. You will also find other helpful information about the bonus incentives! CLICK HERE